Terms of Use

As a registered user on the Connect in Laterlife social networking site, all members agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • provide true and complete information, so the Agreement is liable;
  • keep their password or login information safe as they will be responsible for any behaviour performed under their username;
  • guarantee the integrity of the system and will not access computers connected through the ConnectInLaterLife network nor will send unwanted information like spam or junk mail;
  • agree to keep their profiles open to ConnectInLaterLife’s users viewing;
  • comply with the guidelines which define what kind of material and behaviour is not acceptable on the website, namely improper written text, images, links to other web pages or movies, unrequested publicity or advertisement, graphic content, threatening or bullying, inciting to violence or coercion.

Content uploaded to the website shall not in any way, shape or form, go against the rules established in the Agreement. Failure to proceed in accordance with the Agreement shall grant the user a warning in order to cease immediately improper behaviour and/or direct expulsion from the website with the possibility of legal action taken against the person, namely authorities for internet control. 


These guidelines apply to all registered members and service providers of the ConnectInLaterLife website.  To read the full Terms and Conditions for the ConnectInLaterlife website, please click here